Pro Life Cells

The Cells and Counsellors

Each branch of the Innocents has working with them a group of Pro-Life Cells who provide the spiritual and material support which Innocence Counsellors are able to offer a Client.

The Cells and The Innocents
  • A Cell is formed and linked to the local branch.
  • They are then told of "their baby" - as yet unborn - whose mother is in the care of the Innocents.
  • The Cell members are informed as soon as the baby is born by which time the cell has collected all the goods baby will need.
  • The Cell members never meet the Mother but they may meet the baby.
Cell structure
Cell structure

This diagram shows the structure of Office Bearers in a cell. A cell may operate with less than seven people providing each function is undertaken.

  1. The Chairman who calls the meeting to order and conducts it accordingly to the suggested guidelines.
  2. The Secretary who deals with all correspondence.
  3. The Treasurer who keeps accurate financial records and operates the bank account.
  4. The Publicity Convenor who keeps posters displayed in prominent places and keeps the public informed of the pro-life Cell's presence in the area.
  5. The Layette Convenor who stores the baby requirements and organises the Cell in the preparation of the layette items for both mother and baby.
  6. The Fundraising Convener who organises cash-flow programmes and generates sufficient cash for the Cell's commitments.
  7. All members of the Cell who meet as a unit.
How do I form a Cell?

All Innocents Pro-Life Cells must be registered with the Society.

Current Cells are: St James' - Coatbridge, St Bride's - Bothwell, St Bride's - East Kilbride, St Francis of Assisi - Ballieston, St Patrick's - Strathaven, St Barbara's - Muirhead, St Joseph's - Blantyre

A pupil from St Andrew's and St Bride's High has sent in a summary of recent successful events. Read story

If you would like to form a Cell please contact us for more information.

Prayer for Life

Prayer for Life Grant us, Oh Lord, a new appreciation of the sanctity of human life. Show us how to make our Society, one in which no child is unwanted, no adult feels abandoned, and the pressures which lead to abortion, no longer exist. Grant Lord that those who acknowledge the sanctity of life, will be inspired by your son to lead a life of sanctity. Amen.

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