St . Andrew’s and St. Bride's High, Pro-Life Campaign

A summary of fundraising events sent in by one of the pupils.

There has been many events going on in the year but one of the events I enjoyed the most was the Pro – Life sales. And I speak for everyone when I say that. We started the year with a “Cake ‘n’ Candy” sale. Everyone in Pro – Life made delicious cakes and sweets. Someone in first year even brought in a candy floss machine. As soon as the bell went, a sea of students shouted their orders. This sale was a guaranteed success.

Afterwards, we showed a film: Grown Ups. We charged 20p admission and free cakes. This too was a great success because many pupils came.

We held raffles for many things. We charged 50p for a ticket and £1 for five. Not a bad deal. We raffled things like a giant Easter, an official Celtic FC shirt with the players’ signatures and a tin of Roses chocolates. The Celtic shirt was a customer magnet.


A 2nd year favourite was our Nail Painting session. It wasn’t the dazzling colours that brought success to this event but our school’s peculiar sense of humour. There were about three girls that wanted their nails done and thirty boys. Like I said, our school has peculiar sense of humour. It was fun nonetheless.

For valentine’s day, we followed the romance theme. We sold roses to students and with a card and offered to deliver the roses to their sweetheart. The expression on the students’ faces were quite amusing. It was fun to sell and deliver.

We featured another film: Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End, just in time for the latest one to be released. It provided money for us and free advertisement for the new movie: Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides. It was another 20p admission with free cakes and sweets.

Our last project was another raffle, this one attracted many boys because it was a raffle for 4 tickets to Celtic FC’s football stadium. We reached a grand total of £500, all to do with our club’s hardworking and the generous donations from other departments. We managed to spend this money in one hour during our trip to EK Shopping Centre. We were split into seven groups with the money shared equally. It was quite tempting to spend a pound or two on ourselves. We all got our share of the shopping list and went our separate ways to all sorts of shops. The babies receiving this would be spoiled, to be honest. Some shops showed us good deals the minute they heard it was for charity. It was an enjoyable trip. We had a party one Thursday with Sister Maria. We lay out our purchases on a table and were quite proud with what we have raised and bought ourselves. Mrs. Glen threw a brilliant, party, but that was only part of the reward. The best thing about this was that we were helping mothers and children have a brighter future.

Prayer for Life

Prayer for Life Grant us, Oh Lord, a new appreciation of the sanctity of human life. Show us how to make our Society, one in which no child is unwanted, no adult feels abandoned, and the pressures which lead to abortion, no longer exist. Grant Lord that those who acknowledge the sanctity of life, will be inspired by your son to lead a life of sanctity. Amen.

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